[Android Studio] Changing the file header template

Writing time : 2017-12-18 13:31:31

Changing the file header template

Changing the file header template

When you add a Java source file in Android Studio, the comments defined in the file header template are automatically added to the source code.

To change the file header template, select Editor> File and Code Templates in Android Studio's Preferences and click File Header in the inlucde tab.

Android Studio file header template change settings screenshot

When a file is added and a file header template is added, the following warning may appear. Since only the default template has been added, it is recommended to enter a comment in the actual code, and it is not a warning caused by an incorrect format.

This inspections reports usage of the default file template for File Header.  
Also, the inspection proposes to change default file template and its usage  

The workaround is to disable the warning or enter a comment.

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