[Android] How to check databinding xml error location

Writing time : 2021-09-01 16:26:57

Check the location of the data binding xml error with the gradlew command

Open a terminal in Android Studio and enter the gradlew command.


./gradlew assembleDebug --debug --stacktrace  


gradlew assembleDebug --debug --stacktrace  

When the command processing is completed, you can check the error location in the xml.

2021-09-01T16:23:40.063+0900 [ERROR] [org.gradle.internal.buildevents.BuildExceptionReporter]   
ERROR: cannot find method onSegmentDateChanged() in class com.devez.ui.member.coupon.CouponListViewModel   
file://app/src/main/res/layout/fragment_my_coupon_list.xml Line:111  
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